Smartphones and Android Apps

Nearly all people in the world own a new smartphone or at least a phone with one of the most popular operating systems. Android and iOS are the most common systems an nearly 85% of all phones are using one of them. The people use their phones for many different things. Nearly half of them use smartphones for surfing and sharing content on social media platforms like facebook, instagram or twitter. Also half of all people tend to use the phone as a map and search device.

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At least 65% of the smartphone users also use their phones for entertainment like for playing games or watching movies or short clips on youtube. More than half of all people also use the smartphones to check the current weather. Because of this reason Android App Developers should focus on apps out of these categories to be successful.

Successful, Creative and Effective App Development

Creating Successful and Creative Android Apps

Did you know that deciding the app to build is often an easy part of product development? The problem is that the development phase is the one that is often more complicated than you can imagine. Therefore, there is no straight guarantee of better results in the overlapping mobile app marketplace if you do not put some extra effort to work. You must have a reasonably good product development plan to build something of worth because building up a quality product will take time. In order to provide the greatest chance for an app success you will have to address properly structured product development plan strategy, design and development.


Goals that a successful app should meet:

For a mobile app to be successful, it should meet its intended goals. These goals may include achieving the sales objectives set by the publisher, the ability of attracting a large audience, enticing members to continue using  the app, and fulfill expectations of all its users and meeting their needs.

Phases of successful app creation:

1. Strategy

This is to determine how exactly your app will look like. It helps you to create a road map of the development process, which you will use to achieve the best results after development. There will be significant impacts on the remaining phases of your project because of the app strategy chosen.

Here you can find an useful video about six different app marketing strategys:

2. Design

You can move on to developing the app after establishing a strategic foundation. In this phase, the important point is to have much focus on the application performance and interface and the functions that your users will have at their disposal.

3. Development

 A great impact to the users can be felt when you decide which kind of developing environment is being used. Publishers will always weigh up their decision very well.

4. Marketing

Marketing your apps is one of the successfully ways of selling yourself out there. With marketing, in fact, you will make the user aware that the app still exists, and they will like it and eventually decide to share it with their friends. The following are some marketing ideas that you can use.

  • Direct App Marketing

An easy way to promote Android Applications are services from agencies. App Promotion is not always easy for new Apps, thats why many companies and agencies are specialized to support developers to increase the reach and to get new users of the app. It is possible to buy app downloads and get thousands of new users very fast. This is a cheap and fast way to get more users. To get a higher reputation many apps tend to buy app reviews. This is an inexpensive alternative to traditional advertising.

  • Billboard words:

The app’s name, keywords and descriptions are for good visibility. Billboarding should always possible.

  • Social works

Your app should have an account with the same name. Therefore, you should keep content frequently, and engage and respond to users and take care of any customer service issues. Engage users and update them on sales through targeted email blasts Android promotions and news. Make them aware you are still there.

  • Blog outreach

For new apps or new publishers, reviewers matter a lot. Do your best to make sure they have a positive experience with your app. Prepare to respond to whatever they may write on social networks after all has been done.

5. Maintenance

Deliver a seamless experience to keep your customers engaged and coming back. Note that user friendliness is an experience that makes your app stick and its users will make in-app purchases from you in the future.

If you focus on all these mentioned points and use this strategy, then you can create a successful Android app and get a lot of active users. And we all know that active users are the main source to earn money with Android Applications.